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The objective of this article is to gather and present in a consolidated form some of the important computer courses which are offered free of cost online by reputed organisations. This is primarily aimed at the career growth and personality development of the interested viewers.


Now- a- days, computer skills have become a vital and basic requirement of all jobs regardless of the position. As regards career, computers provide a visual base for learning. Computers play the role of recording, analyzing, gathering, processing and documenting a particular data which has made the human effort lesser, easier and quicker. Hence learning and keeping you updated with the latest computer knowledge and acquiring necessary skill has become extremely important. For a position starting from a retail cashier to the topmost person of an organisation, it be a corporate world or an educational institution, the very survival has become very much remote without the knowledge of computer. That is the reason why the current period is known as “the Era of Computer”. Under this context, there are two important factors which need to be considered in this regard. Number one placement: it is beyond the imagination of anyone to take it for granted whether an applicant without computer knowledge, apart from his having scope of becoming an asset or very much valuable to the organisation by virtue of his or her qualifications and other contributions or whatsoever at a later stage, will be able to get an entry or a placement into the organisation from the point of view of an employer and get better remuneration and number two the preparedness of the company: whether the companies are prepared, as an ongoing process, to make use of computer knowledge acquired by the recruitees by conducting periodical training programs for the development and benefit of employees and the organisation, as well.

Hence here the suggestion would be that if at all you haven’t thought of doing such courses till now, it’ s the time to make it happen, as today it has become a matter of survival of everyone which otherwise calls for getting equipped yourself with such basic requirement. Be sure of making yourself the best by learning suitable computer courses that are offered through free online courses.

1 . Introduction to Computer Science

This free online course CS50X is offered by HarvardX through edX.

Duration: 9 problem sets,10 – 20 hours each + 1 final project.

Level: Introduction.

Language: English

Target Audience: This is an introductory course designed for majors and nonmajors with or without prior programming experience.

Course description: This is an entry-level course which offers an introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. Students are taught about a detailed and comprehensive understanding of computer science and programming and the ways of thinking algorithmically. You will also learn how to solve problems independently and efficiently. By registering as an online leaner in an HX course, you will have the opportunity to participate in research about learning. Harvard University and HarvardX are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy educational and work environment in which every member will be treated equally.

The topics include Abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering and web development.

Languages include: You will get familiarized with C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML, the problem sets inspired by real-world domains of biology, cryptography, finance, forensics and gaming.

In addition to the above, you will also learn how to get along with a vibrant community of learners from all levels and how to develop and present a final programming project to your peers.


2. Intro to Computer Science

This free online computer course is offered by Udacity.

Duration: 3 months

Level: Beginners

Language: English

Course description:

This course Intro to Computer Science is designed for those who are new to computer science and for beginners. This is an introduction to computer programming and your first step towards a new career with Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation Program which will help you get enhanced your computer knowledge and skill in such a manner that you can attain a level of confidence to get hired easily by improving your ability to act independently. In this free course, you will be in a position to build your own versions of popular web applications which will be of great use in learning and practising key computer science concepts. On completion of this course, you will also learn the basics of computer science and Python, a popular programming language.

Important features of this course:

  • Rich learning content
  • Taught by industry pros
  • Student support community
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Self-paced learning etc.

Free Online Certificate Courses In Computer Science

3. Computer Science 101

This free online course is offered by Stanford University.

Duration: 4 hours/week

Target audience: beginners

Prerequisites: No computer experience is required other than the ability to use a web browser.

Course description: The objective of this course CS101 is to break the notion that computer is a complicated one and to clarify the myth about computer. It aims at those who do not have any prior computer experience. Participants will be taught about the essential ideas of Computer Science. It conveys the facts regarding computer that it works within a few simple patterns which are brought to life through this course, making it beneficial to users of computer. In CS101, the leaners play and experiment with short bits of “ computer code” in order to bring to life to the power and limitations of computers. Browser is the only thing required with which everything can be done and hence there is no need for extra software to download or install.

This course makes the learners understand in the real sense what a computer is, what a hardware is, what a software is and what an internet is. Moreover, CS101 will make the learners understand what code is and how it works. CS101 is a stepping stone for pursuing higher studies in programming.

Topics covered are:

  • How computer hardware works: chips, CPU, memory, disk
  • Necessary jargon: bits, bytes, megabytes, gigabytes
  • How software works: what is a program, what is “running”How digital images work
  • Computer code: loops and logic
  • Big ideas: abstraction, logic, bugs
  • How structured data works
  • How the internet works: IP address, routing, Ethernet, wi-fi
  • Computer security: viruses, trojans, and passwords
  • Analog vs digital
  • Digital media, images, sounds, video, compression etc.

Free Online Computer Courses With Certificate

4. Intro to Theoretical Computer Science 

This free online course is offered by Udacity.

Duration: 4 months

Skill level: Intermediate

Language: English

About the course: The purpose of this free course is to give you systematic information about the basic concepts in theoretical computer science such as NP-completeness and to highlight the role and significance of those concepts in solving difficult algorithmic problems. This is your first step towards a new career with the Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program. One needs to have knowledge on basic understanding of algorithms ( e.g. CS215 ) and programming ( e.g. CS 101 ) and other than that prior knowledge about theoretical computer science is not essential.

On completion of this course, you will gain a thorough knowledge and clear understanding of theoretical computer science which will enable you to identify the most complicated algorithmic problems that may arise out and will provide you necessary tools to tackle them effectively on practical grounds, as well.

5. MyCS: Computer Science for Beginners 

This free online course is offered by HarveyMuddX through edX.

Duration: 6 weeks @2 -4 hours/week

Skill level: Introductory

Target audience: This course is intended for middle school students and their teachers and is suitable for learners of all ages also.

Prerequisites: A little knowledge in basic math plus a lot of creative thinking.

Language: English

Course description: This course provides an introduction to computer science and is designed for those who are entirely new to the computer world. You will learn and apply concepts by programming in Scratch. In this course MyCS, you will be taught on the basic principles of how computers work and we can use them to sort out unresolved but interesting problems and what the requirement is to make a computer or a computer program work. Lessons comprise of general exercises and assignments in Scratch which enables the learners to put into practice few of the basic concepts of computer programming and find out various ways and means of applying computer science for creative purposes in a useful manner.

In brief, this course will teach you:

  • How computers store and work with information
  • How computers use algorithms to solve problems
  • Computational thinking
  • The Scratch Programming language

6. CS 101: Introduction to Computer Science I

This online course is offered free of cost by Saylor Academy.

Duration: 106 hours (approx.)

Skill level: Introductory

Target audience: This is designed for students who do not have prior programming experience.

Prerequisites: The course doesn’t require a background in Computer Science.

Language: English

Course description: This is an introductory course which will cover the fundamental principles involved in Computer Science such as basic concepts, nomenclature, introduction to the history of software development and object-oriented programming terminology and concepts such as objects, classes, inheritance and polymorphism etc. Teaching will be carried out by way of demonstration using Java.

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the history of computing;
  • Describe fundamental hardware and software concepts;
  • Explain how the JVM translates Java code into executable code;
  • Explain Object-Oriented Programming concepts such as objects, classes, inheritance and polymorphism;
  • Write simple programs using basic Java concepts;
  • Describe and use primitive data types in Java;
  • Describe and use logical and relational operators and compare Boolean expressions;
  • Explain and use various control structures such as methods, decision statements and loops;
  • Use exception handling mechanism; and
  • Use Java input/output class hierarchy to read and write data to and from external files.

The entire course consists of 8 units. You can find relationships between one and the other and the learning outcomes will help you understand what you have learnt step by step in each unit and measure your improvement in each stage.

Unit wise course topics that will be taken up in this course are furnished hereunder with split – up duration for each unit.
Unit 1: Introduction – 16 hours
Unit 2: Object-Oriented programming – 10 hours
Unit 3: Java Fundamentals – 22 hours
Unit 4: Relational Logical Operations in Java – 9 hours
Unit: 5: Control Structures – 20 hours
Unit 6: User-defined Methods – 11 hours
Unit 7: Arrays – 7 hours
Unit 8: Java Input/ Output and Exception handling – 11 hours


This online course is offered free of cost by Saylor Academy.

Duration: 107 hours (approx.)

Skill level: Introductory

Target audience: This is designed for students who do not have prior programming experience.

Language: English

Course description:
This course is in continuation of CS 101. This compares Java with C++. The major focus of this course will be on standard template, library, exceptions, recursion, searching, sorting and template classes with a detailed survey of computers, computing and programming, object-oriented programming and programming languages.

On completion of this course, you will get acquainted with Java and C++ programming and related problems faced in a professional setting.

A webcam is required in order to enable the remote proctoring service to verify your identity, which is required to allow Saylor Academy to issue a verified certificate. This is an online course and hence you need to have consistent access to the internet.

At the end, you will be able to:

  • Explain the common computational elements for creating algorithms;
  • Use an Object-Oriented language to express algorithms as programs that solve simple problems;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the history and development of Object-Oriented Programming;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of important common algorithms used in programming;
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the importance of run-time analysis and the general uses of recursion in programming; Utilize computational elements, algorithms, and templates in a programming process,
  • Utilize computational elements, algorithms, and templates in a programming process,
  • Distinguish between the features of Java and C++.

This course consists of 7 units. The topics that will be covered in each unit are furnished hereunder with split – up duration for each unit.

1) C++ and Java – 18 hours
2) The building blocks of Object-Oriented programming – 15 hours
3) C++ standard template library – 18 hours
4) Exception – 12 hours
5) Recursion – 14 hours
6) Searching and Sorting – 14 hours
7) Template programming – 16 hours


It’s an undeniable fact that today every job requires a computer in one way or the other irrespective of that job being a part of a petty shop or a multinational company. The more the computer knowledge you become well versed with, the more will be the possibility of your getting brighter chances to get hired in better organisations, it be an entry level or related to promotions or attaining the topmost level. It’s all just because companies prefer and rely upon, for the growth of their organisations, only those people who have relevant knowledge and skill in computer. Age is not a barrier at all for learning computer but for the possible inherent inhibition within you, you can make wonders with a little knowledge and skill that you already have within yourself, provided you have the mindset within you to get along with the growing trend by necessary updation from time to time and have the determination to achieve what you want to. One thing that you need to keep in mind all the time is to have proper certification for your study which is the only evidence to show lifelong that you have done that particular course. Keep on identifying the most reliable online trainers, who are capable enough to put you on right track and show you way out to learn the right thing at right time at right pace, of course free of cost and make use of the opportunity as and when you feel more appropriate.

Come on viewers, make use of the opportunities available online and come up in your life.



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