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English Language Free Online Course – 21 Courses To Improve Your English Knowledge.

English is the world’s most popular language & it is a stranded business language accepted globally. Native English speaking countries in the world are United States , United Kingdom , Canada , Australia , Ireland , South Africa & New Zealand , but rest of the world needs English where it is not the official language .

Countries like India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines teach English as a second language. Students from these countries study their native language like Hindi, Urdu as primary language and English as the secondary language. Learning is made easy through online courses because learners can learn from home without attending college.

So the below mentioned English Language Free Online Courses will be of great use for the people who belong to Non-English speaking countries.

List of English Language Free Online Course

1. Diploma in English Language and Literature – Course URL: http://goo.gl/7eofzL

2. English for Tourism Tour Services – Course URL: http://goo.gl/Ma9xA4

3. Introduction to English Literature – Course URL: http://goo.gl/c27YDD

4. Improving Your English Vocabulary and Pronunciation – Course URL: http://goo.gl/iH47u3

5. Writing in English – Course URL: http://goo.gl/V7f7Is

6. Fundamentals of English Grammar – Course URL: http://goo.gl/r4kqSx

7. Introduction to Business and Travel English Language – Course URL: http://goo.gl/iN3wBW

8. Introduction to Conversational English – Course URL: http://goo.gl/1AyTz3

9. English Grammar Tenses and Sentence Structure – Course URL: http://goo.gl/32UPz6

10. Introduction to English Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation & Listening – Course URL: http://goo.gl/Rhp333

7 Free Advance Online English Courses

11. Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language – Course URL: http://goo.gl/XW1AzE

12. Practicing English Language Grammar Skills – Course URL: http://goo.gl/NGwn8u

13. Shakespeare – His life & works – Course URL: http://goo.gl/4H4pwP

14. Improving Your Social English Language Skills – Course URL: http://goo.gl/IktS0z

15. Using English Effectively – Course URL: http://goo.gl/dVfhEJ

16. Web Applications for Learning English – Course URL: http://goo.gl/9AaeoD

17. Esolcourses.com – This website covers a wide range of lessons, training and how to tutorials. Learning from this site is easy for all type of users. Various stages of course in this website are BEGINNER , ELEMENTARY , PRE-INTERMEDIATE , INTERMEDIATE , ADVANCED/IELTS , VOCABULARY , LISTENING , ENGLISH FOR WORK , READING , WRITING , GRAMMAR , SONG QUIZZES , PICTURE MATCH , CROSSWORDS , WORD SEARCHES and so on.

Website URL : http://www.esolcourses.com/

18. English-online.org.uk – This website almost covers all the aspects regarding English.

and much more interesting stuffs regarding English.

Website URL : http://www.english-online.org.uk/

19. Freeenglishnow.com – This website provides free resources to speak English quickly .

Website URL : http://freeenglishnow.com/

Free Online Spoken English Course

Few more good sites on English Language Free Online Course

20. http://www.learnenglish.de/

21. http://www.englishleap.com

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