Free Online Accounting Degree Courses

Here you can find 4 free online accounting degree courses. These courses are completely free and you will also receive a Statement of Accomplishment after successful completion of the course.

List of Online Accounting Degree Courses

1. Intro to Accounting

This course will teach how to prepare and interpret financial information, then it also teaches how to use these information to make business and financial decisions. This course is ideal for college and high school students who want to explore the field of accounting. Through this course, major accounting techniques like expanding an accounting equation, preparing the financial statements and understanding key financial ratio can be mastered.

Requirements for this course

1. Students should have good English knowledge.

2. Should have access to Youtube to view course videos.

3. Ability to perform simple math like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

2. An Introduction to Financial Accounting

This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania through Coursera. This course will help you to improve your knowledge in financial accounting. This course will also help you to read, understand and analyze most of the information provided in a company’s financial statement. This course teaches all essential subjects required for a financial manager.

Course Syllabus

  • Analysis of balance and income sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Ration analysis
  • Long-term debt
  • Stockholders equity
  • Analysis of Annual Reports.

3. Financial Accounting

This course is offered by MIT through MITOpencourseware. This course teaches fundamental concepts of financial accounting. From this course, students can perform an economic-based analysis of accounting information from the users point of view.

Accounting Courses Online For Free

4. Accounting and financial statements

This course contains list of video about accounting. The topics covered in this course are cash accounting, accrual basis of accounting , comparing accrual and cash accounting , balance sheet and income statement relationship , interpreting the balance sheet ,  interpreting the income statement , basic cash flow statement , fair value accounting , depreciation and amortization .

Hope these free online accounting degree courses will help in improving you knowledge in accounting.

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  1. anku

    sir my name is anku kumar, and i am insterted in to get online free certificate courses to enhance my knowledge. please help me. i belong to a poor family.
    and thanks.

    1. Jerome Fernandes Post author

      Go to websites like, Choose a course and enroll in it. Both websites offer financial aid apply for it and complete the course successfully. You will get a course certificate.

      All the best ! ! Anku . .


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