Free Online Biology Courses

In this article, I would like to list online biology courses with are available for free. Here I have listed 15 online biology courses offered by various universities and online course providers.

15 Free Online Biology Courses

1. Biology From Khan Academy

This human biology online course covers all essential topics required for a high school student or for a first-year college student. The four main topics covered in this course are Cellular and molecular biology, Human biology, Heredity and evolution, and finally a crash course in Biology and Ecology.

2. Advanced Biology From Alison

Alison offers two advanced online biology courses.

Course URL:

Advanced Biology 1 –

Advanced Biology 2 –

Advanced Biology 1 covers topics like molecular biology, gene, cell biology, organic and inorganic compounds, experimental methods and designs, regulatory mechanisms in plants and animals, pathogens and parasites and more.

Advanced Biology 2 covers topics like natural selection, patterns of evolution, molecular biology, DNA, protein synthesis, mutations and gene mapping.

3. AP Biology From Memrise

Through this online biology courses, you can learn all necessary definition of biological words required forAP Biology course.

4. Biology of Water and Health From TUFTS OCW

This marine biology courses online is offered by TUFTS OpenCourseWare. This course is designed for healthcare professionals. This course mainly focuses on the engineering components involved behind the provision of safe water and sanitation.

5. Cell Biology From MIT OCW

This course is offered by MIT OpenCourseWare. This course mainly focuses on the biology of the cell in higher organisms. Through this course, you can deeply learn about the structure, function and biosynthesis of cellular membranes.

6. Cell Biology From Saylor

This course is offered by Saylor. From this course, you will learn to identify the functions of major organic molecules, understand hydrophilic and hydrophobic bonds and their respective roles in cells, understand the four levels of protein structures and understand the relationship between free energy and the direction of a reaction.

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7. Cell Biology: Structure and Functions of the Nucleus

This online cell biology course is offered by MIT OpenCourseWare. This course teaches the fundamentals of nuclear cell biology as well as the methodological and experimental approaches upon which they are based.

8. Developmental Biology

This course is offered by MIT OpenCourseWare. This course covers the current understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate animal development.

9. Developmental Biology

This Developmental Biology online course is offered by Saylor. This course explains how organisms come into being, how life forms, and how complex structures develop and are differentiated.

10. Evolutionary Biology

This accredited biology course online is offered by Saylor.  This course explains how changes that have occurred over millions of years in the earth.

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11. Fundamentals of Biology

This general biology online courses is offered by Alison. This course covers all the fundamental topics of biology such as organisms, cells, nutrients and the process of digestion in a detailed manner.

12. General Biology From UMass Boston OpenCourseWare

Course URL

General Biology I –

General Biology II –

This general biology online course is suited for students majoring in biology or for non-majors who wish to take advanced biology courses.

13. Introduction to Biology

This online biology course with lab is offered by Carnegie Mellon University through Open Learning Initiative. This course teaches about biology and its relationship to other sciences.

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14. Preparation for Introductory Biology

This accredited online genetics course is offered by the University of California through Coursera. This course is intended for students who are about to take introductory biology at the college level. From this course, you can learn about Cellular respiration, photosynthesis as redox reactions, Genes, alleles, mutations, transporting of proteins and many more topics.

15. Introductory Biology

This course is offered by MIT OpenCourseWare. This course teaches about the fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology.

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