14 Free Online Business Courses With Certificates

If you are a business student or interested to learn about business, here’s 14 excellent business courses with are completely free.

14 Free online business courses with certificates that are actually worth your time.

1. Financial Markets

Course Provider: Yale University | Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

This course will help you to understand the theory of finance and its relation to the history. It also helps you understand about banking, securities, futures and other markets. This course will also show the strengths and imperfections of institutions such as insurance, banking, securities etc.

2. Entrepreneurship Through The Lens Of Venture Capital

Course Provider: Stanford University | Platform: iTunes | Certificate: N/A

This course teaches how start-ups navigate funding, managing and scaling their new business. This course contains guest lectures and mentorship from experienced investors and entrepreneurs who handle these issues on a daily basis in Silicon Valley.

3. Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I

Course Provider: Columbia University in the City of New York | Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

This course offers an introduction to various classes of derivatives and securities. It also teaches how to  price them using “risk-neutral pricing”.

4. An Introduction to Marketing

Course Provider: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

This course will teach you the fundamentals of marketing by getting to the root of customer decision-making. This course will cover major topics such as new market entry, branding strategies, and  customer-centric approach.

5. An Introduction to Financial Accounting

Course Provider: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

This course will enhance your knowledge of financial accounting and the language of business. You will also learn how to analyze the information provided in a company’s financial statement.

6. An Introduction to Operations Management

Course Provider: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

This course will teach how to analyze and improve a business process in service and manufacturing sector. Other good topics like improving productivity, providing more choice to customers, reducing response time and improving the quality are also covered in this course.

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7. An Introduction to Corporate Finance

Course Provider: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania | Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

This course will give an overview of the market orientation framework for analyzing the major types of financial decisions made by corporations. This course will also provide an introduction to present value techniques, capital budgeting principles, asset valuation, the operation and efficiency of financial markets.

8. How to Build a Startup

Course Provider: Steve Blank | Platform: Udacity | Certificate: Yes

This course covers the key steps needed to build a successful start-up.

9. Introductory Macro And Microeconomics

Course Provider : MIT | Platform : MIT OpenCourseWare | Certificate : No

This course gives an introduction to microeconomic concepts, supply and demand analysis, competition and monopoly, and welfare economics. Through this course, you can also learn about the use of macroeconomic applications to address problems in the current economic policy.

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10. Innovation and Commercialization

Course Provider : MITx | Platform : edX | Certificate : Yes

This course decodes the concept of innovation as a linear process, from research to development to a product in the market.

11. Economics of Money and Banking, Part One

Course Provider : Barnard College | Platform : Coursera | Certificate : Yes

This course gives you an introduction to a “money view” of economic activity for modern times, this course also gives you an idea about intellectual traditions of British central banking and American institutionalism.

12. Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods

Course Provider: MIT | Platform:MIT OpenCourseWare | Certificate : No

This course teaches the fundamental principles, practices and tools of Lean Six Sigma methods.

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13. Finance Theory I

Course Provider : MIT | Platform :MIT OpenCourseWare | Certificate : No

This course gives an introduction to the core theory of modern financial economics and financial management. This course mainly focuses on capital markets and investments.

14. The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis

Course Provider: Federal Reserve Board | Platform: Youtube | Certificate: N/A

14th Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben S. Bernanke delivers a four-part lecture series on the Federal Reserve and the financial crisis.

Hope these free online business courses with certificates will help you in improving your knowledge in the field of finance and business.

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