Free Online Care Work Courses

If you are looking for free online care work courses then I have found few free online courses related to care work for you. So have a look at them.

Free Online Care Work Courses

1. Counselling for Caregivers

This course comprises of self-instructional learning materials which cover topics such as Counselling for Caregivers, Ethical and Cultural Issues in Counselling, Behavioural Counselling, Dealing with Child Abuse Issues, Dealing with Substance Abuse, Counselling Those Infected and/or Affected by HIV/AIDS, Grief Counselling, Career and Vocational Guidance, Coping with Stress. This course gives an overall training for care worker.

2. Health for All Through Primary Health Care

This course explains the importance of primary health care for achieving good health for everyone. This course covers all the important aspects of primary health care, approaches to implementing primary health care in underdeveloped areas and achieving overall health through community health care workers.

3. Integrated HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care

The objective of the courses is to develop knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals for the provision of comprehensive care to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

4. Managing Long-Term Care Services for Aging Populations

This course is designed to learn about the special needs of seniors. For this course, you will learn about how to provide care to the ageing population both in physiological and psychological way. From this course, students can also learn how to conceptualise a framework for planning, organising and delivering care to the elderly.

5. The Whole Child: A Caregiver’s Guide To First Five Years

This care work training courses gives you the latest information about childcare and child development for the critical years from birth to the age of five. This course teaches you about childer’s physical, emotional and cognitive development.

6. The Impact of Primary Care on Population Health

This care course provides a closer look at international primary care studies and US primary care studies.

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7. Special Care in Dentistry

This course teaches about how to provide dental care to a person who have physical or mental disabilities.

8.  Social and Behavioural Foundations of Primary Health Care

Through this social care courses, you can get the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose community, individual and organizational behaviours. You can also learn the about contributions of social and behavioral science theory in the planning and implementation of Primary health care programs through this  social work training courses.

9.  Refugee Health Care

From this care worker course, you can learn about the true needs and resources of populations displaced by natural or man-made disasters.

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10. Primary Care Part I: Selected Presentations and A Course in Primary Care

This care home courses covers topics like Benefits of Primary Care in Healthcare Reform, Primary Care in the Era of Multimorbidity, New Paradigms and Implications for Health Statistics and many more topics related to primary health care.

11. Design for Dementia Care

This course contains a series of youtube videos on Dementia Care.

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12. Advanced Resilience for Leaders and Caregivers

13. CHM2200/MIN5300 Foundations of Pastoral Care – Group 1

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14. Population-Based Nursing Care I – NRSE 4110

15. Strategies for End of Life Care

Care Work Courses From

16. Nursing Studies – Patient Care and Hygiene

17. Caring in the Health Professions

18. Back Care and Manual Handling

Hope these free courses in care work would be helpful to you in learning more about care work.

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