Free Online Computer Courses With Certificate

If you would like to take free online computer courses with certificate, there are plenty of possibilities out there. Many highly reputed universities offer free online courses with certification in the find of Computer Science, Information Technology (IT) and in programming. Students can participate in such courses and improve their skill, though these courses.

Many highly reputed universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, University of California, Berkeley, The University of Texas System offer free online courses with certificate thought Open Courseware.

Now I will explain you how and where to find these courses.

1. OpenCourseWare Consortium

OpenCourseWare Consortium is an international community which consists of hundreds of higher education institutions and educational organisations which works toward advancing open education.  All the courses listed in this website are all free. You can find a wide range of computer science related courses here. When you search for a free course under particular category  you can find many courses. If you read details about a particular course you can find the details about the certification.

2. Alison

Alison is a website where you can find many free online courses, it is a global learning community which has free and high quality educational resources. They provide free online courses and some diploma courses. They have few courses which teach computer science basics. They provide a certificate of completion after the completion of the course which is also free.

3. Study Online. Com

This website can be considered as a mini search engine for free online courses. Here you can search for the courses you need, they list various free online courses from various source. All the courses listed in this website is free, but all courses don’t provide a certificate. When you read more about a course you will know about the certification details.

4. Course-Central. Com

This is a website where you can find upcoming free online courses. All the courses listed in this website are not completely free. Some are paid one. But you can get a clear picture on upcoming free online courses through this website. 233 Computer related courses can be found in this website.

Free Online Certificate Courses In Computer Science

5. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is the official website of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT OpenCourseWare is web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. You can also find many training courses here.

6. edX

edX is a collaborative platform where you can find  free online courses from top universities around the world. Here you can find many free online computer courses with certificate. Many top universities from the USA, UK and around the world are associated with this website. Some course needs certification exams to get a certificate.

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    I would also recommend which offers many CS, maths and engineering courses and also non tech courses such as philosophy, sociology, chemistry, physics and so on!


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