Free Online Courses With Certificate Of Completion

Free online courses with certificate of completion are offered by many free online course providers. But you would have some questions in your mind regarding such courses and certifications. You might ask who are the reputed free online course providers? Are these courses completely free or should I pay some fees? Do these certificates have any value or will it help me to get a job or promotion? I have answers to all your questions, continue reading.

Now first we will see, which are the reputed institutes (University and College) who offer free online courses with a certificate of completion, what type of certificate they provide and the fee involved in that.

1. Coursera

Coursera is a for-profit educational technology company offering massive open online courses. Here you can take free online courses from 80+ top universities around the world. Statement of Accomplishment is offered for almost all the courses offered in Coursera, only a few courses don’t offer this. You can check this before taking a course. Now you might ask okay what is Statement of Accomplishment mean, it is a statement signed by the instructor provided for the students who successfully completes the class. Statement of Accomplishment is completely free and no additional fee is involved in it.

This is a sample of Statement of Accomplishment from Coursera.

Statement of Accomplishment from Coursera

2. EdX

EdX is a massive open online course platform founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, its partners are top UK and US universities. It offers free online courses and MOOCs from the world’s best universities. Honor Code Certificate Of Achievement is provided for students who successfully complete their course. Most of the courses offer Honor Code Certificate of Achievement except a few. Know what is Honor Code Certificate of Achievement, it certifies you have successfully completed a course but does not verify you identity. This certificate is completely free and you need not pay any fee for this.

This is a sample of Honor Code Certificate of Achievement from EdX.

Honor Code Certificate of Achievement from EdX

Free Online Courses With Certificate

3. Open2Study

Open2Study provides free online education for everyone. Open2Study is backed by Open Universities Australia. Certificate Of Achievement is provided for those who successfully complete courses here. All courses provide the certificate of achievement. 

This is a sample of the certificate of achievement from Open2Study.

Certificate Of Achievement from Open2Study

Harvard Free Online Courses

4. Iversity

Iversity is an MOOC provider based in Germany. They provide a number of free online courses. In Iversity, you will receive a Statement of Participation (Certificate) after successful completion of the course.  In order to successfully complete the course and thus qualify for the statement of participation, you need to pass all the assignments given by the professor. Writing assignments would be any important task in getting statement of participation.

Here is a real Statement of Participation Certificate from Iversity .

Statement of Participation Certificate from Iversity

Image Credit : Ljubomir Gatdula

Free Online Courses With Certificate

5. Saylor.Org

Saylor Foundation is a non-profit organization, where you can find free college level course. Saylor offers a Certificate of Completion after you pass each course’s final exam, a passing score is 70 % or higher.

These are the top free online course providers with certificate of completion. If you find any other online course provider who provides free online courses with certificate of completion, mention it in the comment section below. All the above-mentioned websites are mostly service minded and they don’t have any business interest in it.

Now let us analysis about the value of these certifications.

When you complete any course you will receive a certificate which state that the so and so has completed the following course from our institute with an authorized signature. The same thing is received by you when you complete the course from the above-mentioned websites. So these free online courses with certificate of completion will add value to your existing educational profile.

When this kind of Free Online Courses With Certificate Of Completion will be helpful?

If you are a student perusing a degree and you take a relevant free online course from which you get a certificate then this will be of great help in getting job. Say if you are a Computer Science or IT student and you are very much interest Java and you want to work as a Java Programmer. In this scenario, if you have a certificate in Java programming course you have more possibility of getting a job than others with just a Computer Science degree.

Free Online Courses With Certificates UK

This can also be very helpful for working professionals, they can improve their knowledge in the relevant field without spending a penny. Finally, this will help in adding more value to their job portfolio, hence improve their possibility of promotion.

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