Free Online Courses With Certificates In Australia

In this article, I would like to mention about some useful websites from where you can take free online courses with certificates in Australia.

You would have come across many free online course providers with certificates, but if you are looking for such kind of a course provider who is based in Australia then this is the right article you should read.

You might ask, why should I select a course provider  who is based in Australia? Some courses and course providers offer special privilege when you are a resident of Australia. If you read this article free online courses with certificates in UK you would know that in UK  government agencies and universities work together to develop free online courses which help their citizens in getting a job. Some courses are the funded by government which can be only availed by their citizens. Likewise even Australian government fund some courses, which is only for their citizens.

Now let’s see who are the course providers of free online courses with certificates in Australia.

1. Open2Study

Open2Study is backed by Open Universities Australia. Many top universities from Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world have collaborated with Open2Study to offer free online courses. Here you can find courses on various topics like marketing, information technology (IT), medicine and so on. When you successful complete a course you get a certificate of completion from Open2Study.

2. University of Southern Queensland’s OpenCourseWare

Here you can only find a limited number of courses but all are very informative. These courses don’t have any time limit so you can learn at your convenience. They don’t provide any certificate for completing these courses.

3. TAFE South Australia

TAFE South Australia offers many courses in various fields like agriculture, community services, health care, language, electrical, electronics and much more. They offer fee free degree courses for Australians. Currently, there are 23 courses in these categories i.e,(fee free courses). ” Skill for all ” is an initiative by Government of South Australia. As a result of that, you get these courses for free. At the time of enrollment, you should satisfy the following criteria to make yourself eligible for these free courses.


1. You should be 16 years old or over.

2. You should live or work in South Australia

3.  Should be registered as unemployed with Centrelink

4. Hold a valid concession card.

You can also check your eligibility here:

 Free Online Courses With Certificate Of Completion

The above mentioned are the course providers who offer free online courses with certificates in Australia.

Here are some useful links on free online courses with certificate in Australia.


Ocean Solutions – The University of Western Australia

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