Free Online Courses With Certificates In India

If you are looking for free online courses with certificates in India, then you have found the right article to know about that. Generally Indians can take any free online courses with certificate offered by many top universities around the world. Some top free online course providers in US are restricted to serve in some countries like Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria. India doesn’t have any such restrictions so Indians are free to enroll themselves in any online course they wish to.

If you are interested in free online courses with certificate of completion then you should have a look at this: . Here you can find best free online course providers who offer certificate of completion after successful completion of the course.

If you are interested in free online computer courses with certificate then have a look at this: . Here you can find the best institutions which offer free online computer courses

For free online IT courses with certificate, have a look at this:

For free English language, courses have a look at this:

All the above-mentioned courses offer some sort of certification after successful completion of the course. These certifications don’t have the value equivalent to a regular degree or diploma, but they have some recognition. Many top universities from UK and US are associated with offering free online courses.

Now let some Free Online Courses With Certificates In India.


NPTEL stands for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning and it is funded by Ministry of Human Resource Development – Government of India. It provides E-learning through the web. Here you can find free engineering courses in almost all fields of engineering.

2. Online Mini MBA from myBskool 

myBskool is a website which offers online business programs. Currently, it offers 5 business courses. Out of this 5 courses only one courses is free. That is Online Mini MBA, this is a non-credit program.You can learn basics of MBA through this course. This online classes would be a starter for college level MBA.

Online Engineering Degree Providers

3. RTI – Online certificate course 

Government of India has launched an online certificate course on RTI. It contains two courses a basic 7 days course where you can learn about the basics of RTI and an advanced 15 days course where you learn some deep topics. After successful completion this course you will receive a certification.

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