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If you are looking for free online financial management courses with quality study materials and useful references, you have found the right page. Here I have reviewed 8 fantastic online financial management courses which are completely free. Whether you be a business owner or a college student, these financial management courses will be helpful to you in some way.

List Of Free Online Financial Management Courses

1. Financial Management

Course URL :

This Financial Management course is provided by MIT Open Courses Ware. This course covers various topics such as

  • Corporate Finance and Capital Markets.
  • Emphasizing the financial aspects of managerial decisions.
  • Valuation of real and financial assets.
  • Risk management and financial derivatives.
  • The trade-off between risk and expected return.
  • Corporate financing and dividend policy.

The course is deeply based on empirical research to help the students in managerial decisions.

2. Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy is a free online course provided by First of this course you will have an introduction to personal financial management. This course covers major topics in financial management. Here you can learn how to set up a bank account to planning for retirement. At the end of this course, you will be having a clear idea of managing your savings, budget, and money. This course will help you to manage debt successfully. You can also learn and understand more about the choice of insurance products available. Apart from this you will also gain good knowledge about tax, renting, consumer rights and so on. This course will help in knowing all the basic aspects of finance.

3. All About Financial Management in Business

Course URL :

This financial management resource is provided Management Here you can find resources on various topics of financial management.Some important topics covered here are,

  • Role of Treasurer and Board Finance Committee
  • Getting an Accountant or Bookkeeper
  • About Accounting Software
  • Getting a Bank and Banker
  • Basic Overview of For-Profit Financial Management
  • Addressing Financial Controls and Risk Management
  • Critical Operating Activities In Yearly Accounting Cycle
  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting and Managing a Budget
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Financial Statements and Analysis

and many more similar topics. This page covers various topics under financial management. Have a glance, this will be useful.

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4 . Entrepreneurial Finance

Course URL :

Entrepreneurial Finance is a free online course offered by MIT through MIT Open Course Ware. It was initially taught in Spring 2011. But still you can have access to Lecture Notes and download course materials. The syllabus covered in this course are Business Evaluation and Valuation, Financing and Venture Capital Funds. This is a university level course.

5. Finance Theory II

Course URL :

Finance Theory II is also a free online course offered by MIT through MIT Open Course Ware. This course was initially taught in Spring 2003. But still you can have access to this course.

  •  Financing Needs and Capital Structure
  •  Project and Company Valuation
  •  Risk Management and Corporate Governance

The above-mentioned topics are covered in this course.

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6. Personal Finance

Course URL :

This website is completely dedicated to Personal Finance courses. Here in this website they cover a wide range of topics about personal finance. They have lessons for Beginners, Intermediate and advanced learners. You can also find references of additional tool and resources regarding personal finance which will be useful to you. Implementation of IT and computer in personal finance can be learned through this course.

7. Business Analysis Using Financial Statements

Course URL :

Business Analysis Using Financial Statements is also a free online course offered by MIT through MIT Open Course Ware. This course was initially taught in Spring 2003. But still you can have access to this course. These classes don’t have any time restriction.

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8. Financial Statements Made Easy

Course URL :

Financial Statements Made Easy is a simple course offered by Udemy. This course is free, you just need to login to the website to access the courses. This course consists of a series of 12 Lectures, covering various topics like The Income Statement, The Balance Sheet, The Statement Of Cash Flows and The Financial Statements, Integrated.

All the above-mentioned courses are more of educational resources, but they don’t provide any degrees and they also don’t come with a certificate.

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