Free Online IT Courses UK -Top 8 Courses (* Discovered *)

Free Online IT Courses UK

Free Online IT Courses UK are offered by many universities because IT skills have become an important part of life.Top Universities and Organizations in UK are offering free online IT courses UK. Even top Universities offers Free Online Courses With Certificates UK.


BBC.CO.UK offers a handful of resources regarding IT.

    • BBC WebWise – A beginners’ guide to using computers and the internet with courses, videos and articles.
    • BBC GCSE Bitesize – ICT – IT resources and revisions to support the learning of information technology online covering software, hardware, databases, data communications and modelling.
  • BBC The Virtual Revolution – Learn more about information technology and the way the web is changing the world. It also includes a blog where you can share your thoughts on technology advances.
  • BBC Class Clips – Computers – Learn more about IT with this library of videos on computers including the history of software development, Bill Gates and geographical information systems.
  • IT courses – Learn IT by attending one of the courses listed by the UK’s leading course finders.

2. Vision2Learn.Net

Vision2Learn offers two online free IT courses which are free they are,

Certificates are provided after the completion of these courses. Educational qualification is not compulsory to take these courses. Learning, training and study material are provided. These courses are funded by the government so it is completely free.  IT skills will be of greater use from business personals to homemakers.

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