Free Online Tutorials On Android Wear

1. Building Apps for Wearables

This online training course is offered by Google. This course will teach you how to build notifications in a handheld application that will automatically synchronize with the wearable. It course will also teach you how to build applications that run on Android wear powered wearables. This course covers the following subjects.

  • Adding Wearable Features to Notifications
  • Creating Wearable Apps
  • Creating Custom UIs
  • Sending and Syncing Data


2. Introduction to Android Wear: Hands-On

This tutorial covers all the basic aspects of Android Wear. From this tutorial, you can learn how Android wear works, and you can also learn how to create a new user interface for Android wear.


3. Introduction to Android Wear: The Basics

This tutorial is mainly for those who are interested to know about Android Wear. From this tutorial, you will learn about the basics of Android Wear, understanding about its interface, and you will also learn about Android wear libraries and classes.

URL :–cms-22042

4. Enhanced and Wearable-Ready Notifications on Android

This is an advanced tutorial for Android Wear developers. This course will teach you modern implementation of a notification . This course will also explain about new support package and extending its capabilities by adding actions that are only visible on smart watch.


5. Android Wear: The developer’s perspective

This video will take you through all the aspects of Android Wear Platform and Google’s new wearable APIs. From this course, you can learn about simple and powerful tools for creating apps for Android Wear devices.

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