Free Photography Online Courses

Free Photography Online Courses – A Detailed Overview.

Free Photography Online Courses are provided by many photography schools & Universities around the web.  So Universities even conduct digital classes on the web which finally acknowledges the participant with a certificate.

The best part of this type of courses are lessons can be learned for a home computer. Some universities even provide an online degree or diploma at the end of the course.

Here I will be dividing the course type into 3 categories, like

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Free Photography Online Courses for Beginners

1.Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide

Course Link:

This course covers 5 topics, they are

  • Understanding How Your Digital Camera Works
  • Your Camera’s Automatic and Assisted Settings
  • Your Camera’s Manual Settings
  • Composition and Technique
  • Editing Images in Post

This complete course can be download as a PDF file: Click Here

2. Introduction to Digital Photography –

Course Link:

Course Publisher: Harvard.

Learning Outcome: Upon completion of this course you will know how your digital camera works, learn what exposure settings to use when taking a photograph, gain the knowledge of best practices for processing photographs.

Best 10 DSLR Photography Lessons For Free

3. Beginner Class – No Skill Level or Experience Is Required

Course Link:

The website author says,  “Even better you can take the class with any camera. Take pictures with your camera phone, Polaroid, DSLR, film camera, point, and shoot, whatever floats your boat! In this class, we’ll be having lots of fun being creative and exploring photography.”

I went through this course & found it to be useful & interesting. Have a look at this.

4.Free Beginner Photography Lessons

Course Link:

This website provides free beginner photography lessons which covers various basic topics like Light and the Photographer , Light and the Human Eye , Photographic Lenses , Exposure Control , ISO Camera Setting , Shutter Speed Settings , Aperture Setting , Post Processing and so on.

Free Photography Online Courses for Intermediate Users

1. Exposing Digital Photography – By Dan Armendariz

Course Link:

Topics include exposure and metering, flash, dynamic range, CMOS and CCD sensors, color filter arrays, RAW versus JPEG formats, color spaces and profiles, editing photos with Photoshop, and optical and computational artifacts.


Course Link:

This website also covers intermediate topics like Composition, Shooting a Sunset, Camera Repair, Using a Flash, Film Types and much more.


Course Link:

This website covers some basic photography topics and intermediate topics like Exposure , Exposure: High Key , Exposure: Low Key , Depth of Field , Shutter Effects , Rule of Thirds , Diagonal Lines , ‘S’ Curves , Balance , Negative Space and much more.

4. Canon Photography Courses.

Course Link:

All major concepts are covered in this website tutorials.

Free Photography Online Courses for Advanced Users

1. Take Better Photos In Low Light

Course Link:

This course teaches a bunch of techniques that will improve your low light photography, even if you don’t own a DSLR.

2. Masters of Photography – by National Geographic Live

Course Link:

Course Link:

Advanced topics such as Dark Room , Develop your own film , Portraits , Starting Sports Photography , Sports Photography , Arial Photography , Digital Photographer , Editing Software , Photo Editing , Nature Photography , Under Water Photography , Travel Photography , Photography Travel Kit , Professional Photography are covered in this website .

 4. Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry

Course Link:

Course Publisher: MIT.

This course explores photography as a disciplined way of seeing, of investigating landscapes and expressing ideas. Readings, observations, and photographs form the basis of discussions on landscape, light, significant detail, place, poetics, narrative, and how photography can inform design and planning, among other issues.

5. Computational Camera and Photography

Course Link:

Course Publisher: MIT.

We will learn about opportunities in scientific and medical imaging, mobile-phone based photography, a camera for HCI and sensors mimicking animal eyes.

6. Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course

Course Link:

Start off learning DSLR photography with 14 instant lessons.  This course covers advanced topics like Advanced Portraiture Techniques, Action Photography, Ambient & Artificial Light Introduction, Fashion Shoot with Flash & Ambient Light, Polarising Filters and so on.

7. Digital Photography

Course Link:

Course Publisher: Stanford.

Few more useful websites covering wide topic,

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