Health and Social Care Courses With Free Online Certificate.

What is Health and Social Care?

Health and Social Care Courses – Health and Social Care is a term generally used in the UK. Health and Social Care is a term that relates to integrated services that are available from health and social care providers. As a subject, Health and Social Care is a combination of Sociology, Biology, Nutrition, Law, and Ethics.

Why should you study Health and Social Care?

The Health and Social Care sector is undergoing rapid change since the Health and Social Care Bill was introduced into Parliament in 2011. So there will be a major increase in Health and Social Care Jobs in the future. Sheffield health and social care are a big name in this field.

List of Health and Social Care courses and training with certificate.

1. Health and Social Care NVQ/QCF Certificate

What the course provider says about the course?

Training for the Health and Social Care NVQ/QCF Certificate is based around six key areas – values, safe care, supported living, communication, handling information or personal development. We’ll help you put together the right modules from each area to fit the job you do and the way you want to develop your career:

    • The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker
    • Equality and Inclusion
    • Duty of Care
    • Personalisation in Social Care
    • Person Centred Approaches in Health and Social Care
    • Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care
    • Move and Position Individuals
    • Cleaning, Decontamination, and Waste Management
    • Health and Safety in Health and Social Care
    • Infection Prevention and Control
    • Meet Food Safety Requirements when Providing Food and Drink
    • Undertake Agreed Pressure Area Care
    • Administer Medication to Individuals and Monitor the Effects
    • Provide Support to Maintain and Develop Skills for Everyday Life
    • Support Individuals to Live at Home
    • Support Individuals at the End of Life
    • Support Individuals to Eat and Drink
    • Principles of Supporting an Individual to Maintain Personal Hygiene
    • Support Individuals to Maintain Personal Hygiene
    • Support Individuals to Access and Use Services and Facilities
    • Provide Support to Manage Pain and Discomfort
    • Positive Risk Taking for Individuals with Disabilities
    • Communication
    • Handling Information
    • Personal Development

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When do you receive a certificate ?

You’ll be assessed on the tasks you do at work and create a portfolio of evidence to show what you’ve achieved. Your qualification will be awarded once that portfolio has been signed off by your tutor.

2. Working in the Health Sector (Level 2)

This courses will help you to improve your understanding of a work in the health sector and achieve a nationally recognized qualification. This courses is a government funded courses, so it is free.

Each Unit in the course has a credit value. You will need to build up 13 credit values to achieve a Level 2 Certificate for Working in the Health Sector.

3. Foundations for self-directed support in Scotland

Learning outcomes

In this Course, you will learn about personalisation and:

  • It’s history in Scotland
  • how to work together for personalisation
  • outcomes-based thinking
  • co-production
  • risk of harm and adult protection
  • implications for the workforce.

( Personalisation involves citizens becoming active participants in selecting and shaping health, social care, and other services. Personalisation is at the root of developments, such as self-directed support, that enable people to make their own decisions about the care and support that they receive. )

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4.Advanced Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care

This course is delivered an employer responsively into workplace or on day release attendance at College.  You will gain evidence from your place of work that will go towards the achievement of your apprenticeships. This qualification develops the knowledge and skills needed when working in a senior role with adults in Health and Social Care environments.  It covers a wide range of areas including supporting individuals with their physical and emotional care, daily living  needs and health care procedures.

Courses & Resources Related to Health and Social Care –

( Without Certificate )

1. Social care, social work and the law – England and Wales.

In this Course will be introduced to five main themes that shape practice in the field of social care and social work. The aim of this course is to enhance your understanding of the relationship between social work practice and the law.

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2. Social and Behavioral Foundations of Primary Health Care.

Social and Behavioral Foundations of Primary Health Care aims at providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose (understand) community, individual, and organizational behaviors and change processes in developing countries and in cross-cultural settings as a foundation for planning culturally appropriate primary health care (PHC) in the context of the ecological model of health behavior.

3. Introducing social work practice.

After studying this unit you should be able to:

  • develop an awareness of the underpinning knowledge relating to the key roles of social work;
  • illustrate the application of knowledge, skills, values and processes through case study examples;
  • demonstrate an awareness of the skills required to build relationships with service users, colleagues, and others through effective communication;
  • introduce the social work service standards and codes of practice relevant to each nation in the UK.

4. Aging-Social & Health Policy.

This is a podcast of a lecture on Aging-Social and Healthy Policy. This is offered by UC San Diego.

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5.  Social work learning practice.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • recognize the importance of people’s backgrounds and experiences in understanding their life experiences;
  • acknowledge differences between your own and other people’s identities, the experiences that have shaped people, their diversity and the ways in which society values them;
  • identify the need for empathy in understanding and relating to people whose life experiences and/or outlooks differ markedly from your own, as well as to people whose experiences resemble your own;
  • understand what influences service users’ views of professionals when seeking help;
  • begin to practice reflectively.

6. How much do you know about children in care?

There are lots of myths surrounding children in care. Can you decipher fact from fiction? Take our quiz to find out

7. Family Fortunes

What difference could you make to the well-being of a family facing difficult circumstances? Find out with this activity.

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8. Aging and disability: Transitions into residential care

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • recognize some key factors which determine the way people experience and manage transitions.
  • identify elements of good practice for supporting people through transitions.
  • discuss how care environments can promote service users’ identity, strengths, and autonomy.

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