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Interior Design Courses Online | Are you thinking of studying interior design courses online? Here I have gathered some helpful information in helping you to find the correct course towards your studies and available free online.

6 Free Interior Design Courses Online

Course No. 1

Interior Design I

Course Provider: Utah Education Network | Course Platform: UEN | Certificate: Yes

If you are looking for a course in interior design, then Utah Education Network can help you with what you require. This basic course enables students to discover their creativity in interior design and includes basic furniture arrangements, floor plan evaluation, area planning, and careers. The course consists of six standard lessons that have been split into various objectives to complete. Classes are available free for citizens living in Utah and distance education available for students living outside Utah.

Course No. 2

Interior Design II

Course Provider: Utah Education Network | Course Platform: UEN | Certificate: Yes

After completing your Interior Design course, why not enroll yourself up for the second course available to local and long distance students. With this course, you will develop your skills in applying elements and designs to interiors. With integrated projects, it will ensure that you are provided with studies towards furniture styles, construction, treatments of surface and backgrounds, design and functionality of space and lighting, and architecture. The accredited online interior design classes consist of five standard lessons with various objectives to achieve.

Course No. 3

Advanced Interior Design

Course Provider: Utah Education Network | Course Platform: UEN | Certificate: Yes

To be able to enroll in this interior design online program, you need to complete the Interior Design I & II courses. With the course, they help students to develop their skills in studying further on floor plans, color schemes, textures, lighting, fabrics, style, and designs of furniture and appropriate computer design programs are used in the course. The course consists of six standard lessons.

Course No. 4

Design thinking

Course Provider: the Open University | Course Platform: OU | Certificate: Yes

Are you always thinking that you could have designed something better at home or around the office, then this course in interior design is made for you! By pursuing the design-thinking course, you will study to structure your natural inventiveness to come up with answers for all types of problems while having fun during the process. This module provides you with how-to guides, what is design, to help you find solutions to design problems using computing tools and online environments to aid your design thinking.

Course No. 5


Course Provider: Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Course Platform: MIT Edu | Certificate: Yes

For an interior designer, lighting plays a big factor when decorating interiors and with the Daylighting course you will explore natural and electric lighting to integrate comfort, energy efficiency, and daylight availability in an architectural context. In this course, you will participate in real space and simulations, high dynamic photography and physical model buildings. With this interior design online program, you will never again go wrong with lighting impressions while providing your clients with comfortable interiors.

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Course No. 6

Principles of design

Course Provider: Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Course Platform: MIT Edu | Certificate: Yes

By following the course in interior design, the principles of design are just as important. With this course, you deal with complex design theories and textual analyzes. With the following course, importance is placed on script analysis in general as well as investigating design ethics from a designer’s viewpoint. The class sessions include interaction with faculty/students, directors, and staff designers. The goal is for the student to approach the text with a new apparition and transform that visualization into design for performance.

With these best interior design courses online available for free, you are sure to find the best-suited one to follow your dream in interior designs.

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  1. Bright Lamptey- Mills

    My name is Bright Mills, i live in Ghana in West Africa. How can i take the courses in interior design please….

    1. Jerome Fernandes Post author

      Click on the course link it will take you to the couse provider’s website. Then you can enroll yourself in the course.


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