How To Learn Java Programming Basics in 10 Easy Steps .

Learn Java Programming Basics For Free!!

Java Programming Basics can be learned from reputed institutions that too free.

Here I have mentioned good tutorial and courses from where you can learn Java Programming Basics free.

1. Java for Complete Beginners

Java for Complete Beginners, this course is offered by Udemy. This is a perfect course for beginners, they cover all the essential topics in Java required for a beginner. All Java programming basics are neatly explained in this course. At the end of this course, you will also find a self-assessment test which will be very helpful to test your knowledge. The only limitation of this course is, you should have a decent speed internet connection because this course has video tutorials.

2. Introduction to Computer Science using Java

This course is offered by Central Connecticut State University. This is yet another Java Programming Basics course for beginners which clearly teaches Java for beginners. Some major topics covered in this course are Running Java Programs , Data , Branches and Loops , File Input and Output , Object Oriented Programming , Applets and Graphics , Arrays , Advanced Object-Oriented Programming , Graphical User Interface Programming , Recursion , Exceptions and IO Streams . Hope this would satisfy all your needs.This course is split into 3 parts, First the given topic is covered, where a given subject is taught. Then you have a quiz

This course is split into 3 parts, First the given topic is covered, where a given subject is taught. Then you have a quiz on a topic, where you can check you knowledge on the subject learned. Finally, you have Programming Exercises which helps you to practice your programming skills.

3. Intro to Programming (Java)

This course is offered by Udacity in collaboration with San Jose State University.

Who can take this course? Anybody interested can attend this course.  No prior programming experience and knowledge is need.

Duration of this course? Approximately 4 Months (Assumes 6 hr/wk), but you can work at your own pace.

What will you learn from this course?  You will learn basic skills and concepts of computer programming in an object-oriented approach using Java.

4. Introduction to Programming in Java

This course is offered by MIT Open Course Ware. This course covers all the Java Programming Basics, but when compared to above-mentioned courses this course don’t cover topics in a much deeper manner.

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5. Learn JavaScript Programming

This is a course on JavaScript Programming offered by Code Academy. The interface of these courses is designed in an interactive manner. Where you will be asked to enter a given text and through that you will learn programming concepts.

6. Intro to Java Programming

This is another course provided by Udemy about Java Programming Basics. This course is not a detailed one. Through this course, you will have an overview about Java Programming and at the end of this course, you will just learn what is Java Programming is all about, nothing in depth.

7. Java Platform Introduction

This course is offered by the University of Western Cape. All major Java topics are covered in this tutorial. The courseware interface is very clean and easy to navigate.

8. Java Programming

This course is offered by Foothill – De Anza Community College District. Major Java topics like Objects, Data, Methods, Selection, Iteration, Debugging, Arrays, Inheritance, Graphics, Applications, Streams, Java 2 and their subtopics are covered in this course.

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9. Intro to Java (Language Basics)

This course is offered by Through this course, you can get a basic overview of Object-Oriented Programming vocabulary and concepts followed by common Java vocabulary. This course is designed to ingrain the common Java vocabulary in your memory.

 10. Introduction to Java: A video guided tutorial

This course consists of many YouTube videos covering various topics of Java.

Bonus Podcast About Java Programming Basics.

Here are two Podcast from University of California, San Diego. This two podcast comprises class lecture about Java Programming.

1. CSE 8A – Intro/Computer Science- Java

2. CSE 8B – Intro/Computer Science- Java B .

Hope these materials will help you in learning Java Programming Basics.

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