Medical Terminology Online Course For Free

Are you a nurse writing medical articles or studying towards a medical degree, and then you have come to the right place to find a Medical Terminology Online Course.

6 Free Medical Terminology Online Course

Course No. 1

Medical Terminology Videos

Course Provider: DeAnza College | Course Platform: iTunes | Certificate: No

Do you need medical words translated and understood; these audio podcasts help you to understand the basic structures of medical terms and their components. There are nine different audio podcasts to listen to containing prefixes, suffixes, and roots that emphasize on definitions, spelling, and pronunciation of medical terminology words.

Course No. 2

Basic Medical Terminology

Course Provider: Herbalist Certificate | Course Platform: Udemy | Certificate: No

For learning medical terms, the basic medical terminology course provides students with the required information about a list of basic medical terminology words. The course consists of one lecture to follow.

Course No. 3

Medical Terminology Online Training Program

Course Provider: University College at Houlton | Course Platform: ed2go | Certificate: Yes

For accredited online medical terminology courses, the University College of Houlton has a great course to follow. With this course, you are provided with a full understanding of medical terminology, medical terms, and more. From the words origin of their applications, and includes a textbook. The course has a duration of six months, and extensions are available at no extra cost.

Course No. 4

Medical Terminology Online Training Program

Course Provider: Penn Foster Career School | Course Platform: Penn Foster | Certificate: Yes

With the following certified medical terminology courses online, presented by Penn Foster, you will not only identify medical terms and words, but also be able to define the body structure and its systems, cavities, planes, and positions. You are able to complete this course in a month’s time. By applying for this course with them, you receive customized payment plans, learning aids, study planner, 24/7 access, and more.

Course No. 5

Free Medical Dictionary

Course Provider: Farlex | Course Platform: medical-dictionary | Certificate: No

In a hurry to find a medical word, then these medical dictionary definitions of Farlex will help you find what you are looking for. This free online dictionary with more than 45,000 medical entries from all areas of medicine with descriptions are the best help you will ever have when in doubt of a medical word. This dictionary has additional source materials that include Mosby’s Dental Dictionary and more.

Medical Terminology Course For Free

Course No. 6


Course Provider: MedicineNet | Course Platform: MedicineNet | Certificate: No

When you are looking for medical terms, and explanations on the net it can become very frustrating especially when writing medical articles. With MedTerms, you are able to find the words and explanations. This is a medical reference and dictionary online set up from A-Z. The dictionary provides you with access to hard-spelled words that often is misspelled.

I hope that with these collected Medical Terminology Online Course and dictionaries we have helped you in finding the correct course to follow and help you with medical terms and word explanations at the same time.

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