Nutrition Courses Online For Free : Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for nutrition courses online that are free? Then you have arrived at the right place to help you in finding the exact one to choose. Moreover, they are all free who said you could not find anything free these days.

14 Nutrition Courses Online For Free

Course No. 1

Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights

Course Provider: Vanderbilt University | Course Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

To study nutrition online is easy with this course as it is an introductory level nutrition course and no backgrounds required so all are welcome to join. With this seven-week course, you will learn all the core nutrition concepts how to evaluate food choices and dietary patterns and nutrition related to medium content and advertising. Some of these topics include the healthy eating patterns, nutrition labeling and dietary supplements. The course consists of videos, weekly assignments and quizzes to complete.

Course No. 2

Food, Nutrition & Your Health

Course Provider: University of Melbourne | Course Platform: Open2Study | Certificate: Yes

These nutrition courses are great for people who want to learn how eating disorders develop, basic nutrition and what benefits there are for various diets. The classes are for a month and will learn the outline of basic nutrients, how the bodies affected by under and over nutrition plus obesity, the characteristics of anorexia and bulimia. The study includes videos, assessments, and quizzes. This course is great for people who are not sure what they want to study when it comes to nutrition and can lead to further studies towards becoming a nutritionist or dietitian.

Course No. 3

Equine Nutrition

Course Provider: University of Edinburgh | Course Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

If you are looking for nutrition certification online programs, then this course is for you. If you work with horses or ponies, then this course is great to learn the structure and functioning of the gastrointestinal tract to dietary management of these animals and how they’re affected by nutrition-related disorders. Learning what you should be feeding your horses and ponies. It is a five-week course consisting of videos, assessments, and quizzes.

Course No. 4

Child Nutrition and Cooking

Course Provider: Stanford University | Course Platform: Coursera | Certificate: No

This is a self-paced online course. In this free online nutrition course, you will learn what health risks is associated with obesity in kids, what a healthy diet is for children, and how to prepare delicious foods for healthier children. This course is great for leading health providers, parents and teachers and consists of five-hour videos and quizzes.

Course No. 5

Fundamentals of Human Nutrition

Course Provider: University of Florida | Course Platform: Coursera | Certificate: No

This is an introductory course providing you with an overview of the philosophy nutritional science and includes descriptions and functions of nutrients, digestion, absorption, affects nutrient deficiencies, and toxicities have on your body plus lots more. The course consists of 4-10 hours of your time for a week and by the time, you have completed the course you will be able to identify the nutrients needed in the human body, describe the process of food digestion, and explain the meaning of energy balance.

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Course No. 6

Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health

Course Provider: University of Pittsburgh | Course Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

To follow these accredited online nutrition courses you only need the basic background of nutrition. The course takes place over six weeks and ends with a final exam. The course provides a foundation of nutritional information to develop sustainable patterns of healthy eating. This will help you to build a foundation for improved patterns of eating and exercise. This course also covers some important topics of sports nutrition online courses. The course addresses key problems and offers you with plans for adapting and upholding targeted behaviors of a healthy lifestyle.

Course No. 7

Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Course Provider: University of California/San Francisco | Course Platform: Coursera | Certificate: Yes

With this course, you will need the basic background and understanding of nutrition science and covers the fundamentals of normal nutrition for the best health. You will learn the essentials of nutrition knowledge and build on these to explore diet treatment, investigate nutrition research, and plan balanced meals for both healthy persons and those with diseases. The course consists of six modules, video lectures, and quizzes. Those who are interested in holistic nutrition online course will also be interested in this course.

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Course No. 8

Introduction to Nutrition – Food for Health

Course Provider: Wageningen University | Course Platform: edX | Certificate: Yes

If you are in need of the following food and nutrition courses online, then this course is definitely suited for you. The course is over eight weeks and provides you with an introductory academic course in nutrition teaching you what is in foods, what happens once foods consumed and how it influences your life. This will help you become more aware of foods and information about nutritional health.

Course No. 9

Food and Nutrition Policy

Course Provider: International Health | Course Platform: JHSPH OCW | Certificate: No

The theory of this course is to make known to students the steps of the policy concerned with nutrition problems and issues. This course focuses on explicit government policies consisting of the following the contexts, processes, translation, evaluation plus impacts they have, and assessments that hinder or help the implementation of the policies.

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Course No. 10

International Nutrition

Course Provider: International Health | Course Platform: JHSPH OCW | Certificate: No

These nutrition courses online will help you in learning the problems that influence the physical condition and survival plus developmental competence of populations worldwide in increasing societies. These will teach you how to handle approaches carries out in households, communities, national and international levels to help improve nutritional status.

Course No. 11

PPM 121 Nutrition and Medicine

Course Provider: Tufts University | Course Platform: Tufts OpenCourseWare | Certificate: No

With this course, you will learn the basics of nourishment principles that are relevant to pathology, growth and development, and pharmacology. The course is 25 hours and ideal for level the 1st years in medical studies. The course consists of theoretical and medical aspects of nutrition and learnt to acquire information and knowledge, while developing the skill to understand and evaluate nutrition studies while developing thinking ability in the use of nutrition in medical care.

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Course No. 12

Principles of Human Nutrition

Course Provider: International Health | Course Platform: JHSPH OCW | Certificate: No

With this study nutrition online course, you will learn the values and a general idea of physiological requirements of protein, energy and major vitamins and minerals that causes of health and diseases in human populations. Topics, that are included, are dietary sources, biological sources of nutrient requirements, and the role of nutrition in growth and development of dietary guidelines.

Course No. 13

Nutrition: Proteins

Course Provider: The Open University | Course Platform: OU | Certificate: No

The course duration is eight hours and suited for anyone who wants to learn more about protein. You will start with a straightforward examination of the molecular makeup and the significance protein plays in your body and how proteins digested and absorbed. After completing the training, you will know the side-chains of protein, when to eat it and required protein needed in a balanced diet.

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Course No. 14

Nutrition: Vitamins and minerals

Course Provider: The Open University | Course Platform: OU | Certificate: No

With these nutrition courses, you will learn the basics of vitamins and minerals, plus why they are essential in your diet. The course is provided to you for a duration of 10 hours and will teach you why certain minerals are required for the body, what minerals are essential components and important, and what is the correct balance of fluids required in the body. The course is great for parents to ensure that their family receives the required vitamins and minerals.

I hope that the information provided on free online nutrition courses will help you in enhancing your knowledge when looking for nutrition courses online.

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