Online C Programming Course

If you are looking for online C programming course for free then you have found the right article. Here I have listed four free online C programming courses which are completely free. Through these four courses, you can learn about C Programming and you can also learn general programming concepts.

1. Introduction to C and C++

This course “Introduction to C and C++” is offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology through MIT OpenCourseWare. This course gives you an introduction to C and C++ programming languages. From this course, you can gain all the required knowledge regarding pointer, memory management, object-oriented programming and preprocessor macros. Training is given to learning how to fix bugs.

2. Practical Programming in C

Even this course is from MIT. This course gives you an introduction to C programming language. This course covers common grammar and syntax in C language. Your will also learn practical programming techniques from this course. Advanced concepts such as dynamic memory allocation, concurrency and synchronization, UNIX signals and process control, library development, and usage are also covered in this course.

3. Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Programming constitute of 2 parts. These two courses covers all the required topics to learn C programming language. These 2 courses are offered by Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay through edX. Course length of both courses is 6 weeks. edX generally offers a course completion certificate after successful completion of the course and it is applicable to these courses too. This basic certificate is free. But if you need a verified certificate for degree programs, college and for professional purpose you can get it but you have to pay some fees for it. This course is best for beginners because it covers all the basic concepts in detail.

3.1 Introduction to Computer Programming, Part 1

This course teaches the foundation in computer programming. First basic concepts of computer programming are taught then develop the ability to write a program to solve practical computational problems.

3.2 Introduction to Computer Programming, Part 2

This course is a continuation of the previous course. From these classes, you can learn to handle complex computational applications. This course also gives an introduction to the basics of object-oriented programming.

Hope this four courses will help you in learning C programming language. If you know any good free online C programming course share with us in the comment section below.

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