Top 5 Waste Management Certificate Online Courses

The study about collection, transportation and disposal of waste material is known as Waste Management. Studies around waste management gained popularity along with Environmental Engineering. As all countries impose strict laws on waste disposal, Waste management courses have gained importance. In the coming years, the need for waste management is very high.

Here know about top 5 waste management certificate online courses.

1. Waste Containment and Remediation Technology

Course Provider: MIT

Certificate Details: No certificate

This course focuses on the geotechnical aspects of hazardous waste management. This course covers the following topics introduction to hazardous waste, definition of hazardous waste, regulatory requirements, waste characteristics, geochemistry, and contaminant transport; the design and operation of waste containment structures, landfills, impoundment, and mine-waste disposal; the characterization and remediation of contaminated sites, the Superfund law, preliminary site assessment, site investigation techniques, and remediation technologies; and monitoring requirements.

2. Practising Sustainable Development

Course Provider:

Certificate Details: Certificate of Completion is available for finishing studying the course.

In this course you will learn to, understand more about measuring sustainability and foot-printing , understand the global trade in recycling , importance of the waste hierarchy to waste management , realize that economic development changes the nature and amount of waste generated , consider a case study of unregulated waste dumping and the environmental impacts contrasted with digital waste products & much more about waste management .

3. Intermediate Level: Waste Management

Course Provider: FSKNtraining

Certificate Details: Not Applicable

This is just a small presentation about waste management.

4. Municipal Solid Waste Management

Course Provider: Indian Institute of Science

Certificate Details: No Certificate.

This course covers the following topics Introducing Municipal Solid Waste Management , Waste Generation Aspects , Waste Collection, Storage and Transport , Waste Disposal , Waste Processing Techniques , Source Reduction, Product Recovery and Recycling ,Recovery of Biological Conversion Products: Compost and Biogas , Incineration and Energy Recovery , Hazardous Waste: Management and Treatment , & Integrated Waste Management .

5. Soil-based Hazardous Waste Management

Course Provider: UtahState University

Certificate Details: No Certificate.

In this course, you will learn deeply about Hazardous wasted management. Also about engineering characterization, problem definition, treatment, and monitoring hazardous waste.

Hope this list of waste management certificate online courses is useful.

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